Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to all skaters, regardless of age or skill level. Private lessons are an opportunity for one-on-one learning with a Skating Professional specific to a skater’s individual needs. Skaters of all ages and levels benefit from private lessons, which will help them learn and progress at an accelerated pace. Once a skater begins private lessons, they can choose to participate in skating competitions and advanced testing. All of these things will help foster a sense of dedication, accomplishment, good sportsmanship, and many other life lessons.

If you would like assistance in selecting an instructor based upon availability, goals, and skill level, please contact the Skating Lead, Shari Jude. She can be reached at 714-692-8776 ext. 4 or via email at You may also observe our Skating Instructors teaching group classes or private lessons and approach them directly to inquire about their availability.

All instructors are independent contractors who use the Yorba Linda ICE facility to teach private lessons and, therefore, set their own schedules, lesson fees, and policies. Below you will find a list of our private lesson instructors, a brief biography of their background, and their contact information. Please contact our Skating Lead, Shari Jude, should you need assistance in selecting an instructor. Below you will find a list of our private lesson instructors, a brief biography of their background, and their contact information.

Skating Professionals

Shari Heywood-Jude

Phone: 714.692.8776 Ext 3 


Skating Lead at Yorba Linda ICE. USFS Double Gold Medalist. Over 30 years coaching experience with all levels of skaters Specializes in Ice Dancing (partnered and solo), Ice Dancing Freedance,(partner and solo), and Moves In The Field. Trained extensively in off-ice: Ballroom, Power Stroking, and Off-Ice strength

Sabrina Ghaly

Competitively figure skated for over 12 years and became a National Showcase Medalist and a Regional Competitor. Trained in singles and ice dance while becoming a Triple Gold Medalist in Free Dace, Moves in the Field, and singles Free-skate. Specializes in power and strength in the skater’s technique, on and off the ice. Enjoys working with everyone and wants students to have fun and enjoy what they are doing. Currently pursing for a degree in Biology to become a trauma surgeon.

Anna Kaverzina-Eppers



Professional Figure Skating Coach at The Rinks-Yorba Linda Ice. PSA Senior Certified Free Skating and Moves In The Field. Triple Gold Medalist in Freestyle, Pairs, and Moves in the Field (Russian Equivalent). Received a degree in Athletic Coaching at the Moscow State Academy of Physical Education –and Moscow Olympic College-Degree in early Childhood Development. US National Academy of Sport Medicine - Certified Strength and Conditioning Personal Trainer. NASM Certified - Athletic Performance Enhancement Specialist Former Russian National, International and World competitor. Member of the Russian National Team competing in both Senior and Junior. Trained by renowned Olympic and World Coaches: Natalya Pavlova and Nina Mozer. Professional Skater for Field Entertainment. Over 17 years of Coaching Experience in Freestyle, MIF, Pairs, Jump & Spins, Showcase /Theatre on Ice. Power & Agility for Hockey and Figure skaters( on ice and Off-ice). On -Ice & Off the ice Sport-Specific training for figure skaters

Ashley Zdunich


Featured in BVM sports magazine, Coach Ashley Zdunich specializes in creating power by teaching hockey players correct use of edges. Proper technique and body positioning are vital to creating stronger, more confident, and successful hockey players. Learning begins with slow repetition until it becomes muscle memory. Once mastered, those skills are transferred to full speed and explosive power. Working with players of all ages and abilities, Coach Ashley excels at breaking down and fine tuning each element to build faster, stronger, and more agile hockey players.

Laz Lune

Professional Figure Skating Coach at The Rinks-Yorba Linda Ice. Specializes in freestyle, choreography & off-ice training. Professionally trained ballet dancer. Current competitive figure skater, regional champion & national medalist, national top scorer in S.T.A.R.S. (Standardized Testing of Athleticism to Recognize Skaters). Trained with World and Olympic coaches and competitors.

Courtney Phillips

Professional skating instructor with coaching experience since the age of 16 years old. Over 13 years of skating experience and over a decade of competitive training. 2x Gold and 3x Silver Southwest Pacific Regional Medalist, 2x Pacific Coast Sectional competitor and Bronze Medalist, and US National Championship competitor in the Singles Ladies discipline. Competed at the USFS Novice and Junior Challenge Skate and was chosen to represent USA at the North American Series. 3x “Outstanding Performance” award winner at the All Year Open Competition. Southern California Interclub Invitational Series Champion. 5x USFS Gold Medalist in Senior Freeskate, Moves in the Field, Gold Partnered Pattered Dance, Gold Solo Pattered Dance, and Solo Free Dance. Has landed and mastered all triple jumps, triple-triple jump combinations, and experience training the triple axel jump. Has extensive off-ice training experience including ballet, jazz, pilates, strength training, jump training, spinner training, stretching, etc. Has been trained under Olympic and World class coaches from all over the world during competitive career. Currently pursuing a B.S degree in Health Sciences to further my education on health in relation to skating.

Caylin Rude-Denman

PSA Achievements/Rankings: • Basic Accreditation • Level IV Ranking Students Achievements: • USFS Gold Medalists • Coached skaters through Southwest Pacific Regional Singles/Partner Ice Dance, Pacific Coast Sectional Singles/Partner Ice Dance, and National Development Team in both Singles and Partner Ice Dance Coaching Specialty/Philosophy: Specializing in Jumps and Spins, Skating Skills, Pattern Ice Dances and Free Dances (Solo and Partnered), in addition to Choreography. Also, experienced with Off-Ice training (including strength training, stretching, and plyometrics) and On-Ice Hockey Basics. I enjoy working with skaters of all ages and levels to help them reach their highest potential and goals in this sport, whether that may be competitive or recreational. I love watching each skater’s unique personal growth and development throughout their skating journey. Most importantly I love to challenge skaters to strive to grow and improve, as well as help build each skaters confidence, determination, and passion with this sport and beyond.