Freestyle Camps

The Rinks offer a number of daily freestyle skating sessions for figure skaters. These are special sessions provided for the practice of jumps, spins, turns, steps, moves in the field, etc. Skaters are allowed to share the sound system in order to practice their routines to music. Skaters are provided with full ice usage and no cones are allowed on Freestyle sessions.

  • All Freestyle Camp sessions, regardless of level, are strictly for figure skating practice and figure skating lessons unless otherwise noted (e.g. Skating Skills)
  • Learn to Skate practice passes are not valid on any type of Freestyle Camp/Session
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  • Basic Package (10) - $125
    $12.50 per session
  • Bronze Package (25) - $306.25
    $12.25 per session
  • Silver Package (50) - $600
    $12 per session
  • Gold Package (75) - $881.25
    $11.75 per session 
Purchase Freestyle Packages

Freestyle Session is a 1 hour session.  Please note that 1 hour passes may only be used during 1 hour sessions.

Yorba Linda ICE Freestyle Packages can be redeemed at The Rinks - Anaheim ICE, Lakewood ICE, Poway ICE, and Westminster ICE. They can not be redeemed at Great Park Ice, as their pricing is different.

Level Requirements

Freestyle Camps - General

  • Unless otherwise specified, ALL Freestyle Camps are "Learn to Skate USA Basic 4" level and higher. Singles Free Skating, Pairs or Dance only. 
  • Skaters below Basic 4 may skate on "Regular" or "Basic 4+" sessions in lesson only with prior approval from Skating Manager/Lead but are not allowed to practice on their own for safety reasons.
    • Please use an Open Freestyle Camp or Skating Skills Camp for practice time (see below)
    • Private lesson instructor strongly encouraged to promote safety and Freestyle Session etiquette
  • No rental skates or hockey skates allowed

Leveled Freestyle Camp - By Test

Freestyle Camps with test restrictions are for figure skaters that have passed the equivalent USFS Free Skating Test -or- are currently competing at that level.

  • For example, "Freestyle - Juvenile & Up" is open only to skaters that have passed the USFS Juvenile Free Skating test -or- are currently competing at the Juvenile level 

Open Freestyle Camp - All Levels

  • Open Freestyle Camps are open to any level of figure skater
  • Hockey players may skate on these sessions during a lesson only and with prior approval from Skating Manager/Lead
  • Rental skates are permitted

More Information

For more information, contact:

Yorba Linda ICE Program Office
714.692.8776 ext. 10

Yorba Linda ICE Skating Manager – Shari Jude

The Rinks Figure Skating Director – Alex Chang