Skater & Players of the Month

Skater of the Month

We are very proud, and very excited to announce that Ava Villacorta as our Skater Of The Month! Ava Villacorta is a 9 year old figure skater who has been skating for 5 years. Ava began her skating career at Yorba Linda ICE in our “Learn To Skate” program. She was only 4 years old when she stepped on the ice for the first time in our  ”Tot 1” class.  Ava is now in our “Axel/Double Jump” class----a true testament to what hard work and a great attitude will do!  Ava practices 6 days a week, skates before school, and is very committed! She has big goals and loves to compete. Ava has already competed in 8 competitions this season and will be at her first “Regionals” next month! Ava is coached by Miss Grace Orpiano who said “Ava is such a hard worker and a joy to work with --- even at 5;45am! “  Ava and Miss Grace are a great team and we wish them luck at Regionals- -Yorba Linda ICE is behind you both 100%!

Youth Player of the Month

Ryan signed up for The Rinks Hockey initiation at 6 years old but broke his arm (twice in a year) and had to wait till 7 years old to take part. After initiation, Ryan played 1 season of The Rinks In-House cross-ice mites. The next season he played up in Squirt to play on same team as his older brother. Now on second season of OCHC Squirt BB Team coached by Dean Wilson, Ryan already has 2 hat tricks this season and three assists (playmaker!) in first game as well. Ryan's dad Matt Sikes helps coach the team as well.

Adult Player of the Month


Congratulations to our AUFEIS Player of the Month, Danny Hsing! Danny is the captain of his team, Los Bandidos Rojos. He is a player and a captain that others respect, and his leadership and sportsmanship are tremendous. He organizes practices and other off-ice activities and has no issues with opposing players joining them in practices. We're thankful to have players like Danny in our organization!