Holiday Skating Show
Dec. 15, 2018

Holiday Skating Show

Hello 2018’s Yorba Linda ICE’S “Holiday Exhibition” Participants,
We have some very IMPORTANT information for our upcoming Holiday Exhibition on Saturday, December 15th at 6pm!
Music Check in time at the rink is 5:00pm. Please turn in your music by 5:00pm at the front desk--no exceptions. Your music should be turned in on a CD with your skater’s name CLEARLY marked. At 5:15pm we will begin to compile music in accordance with the running order. Your skater’s holiday number should be the ONLY music on the CD—no other music or numbers should be downloaded.  Also, please have a CD “back- up” with you in the event we have an issue with your master CD. If there’s a problem with your music, we will make an announcement for the parent to please come to the sound booth with your skater’s “back up” CD. Please make sure you test your CD before turning in to avoid any problems. If your coach is turning in the music for your skater, that is fine, but the 5pm deadline still stands or they will not be in the running order.
At 5:30pm we will begin to build our set. We will open up some of the hockey dressing rooms in the back as dressing rooms for our performers, but they should basically come dressed to skate.
Our exhibition will begin at 6pm and should not run over 3 hours. We have 80 skaters this year so it’s a long show! Please understand this going in. Shari Jude has sent out an email and attached the running order with timing so you can estimate what time your skater will go on. Choosing the running order was simple---we put the “babies” first, meaning any 3-6 year olds, and after age 7 we had a random draw process (there were a few exceptions because of the skaters prior commitments and time restraints for that evening).
We understand seating is limited. What usually happens is as the skaters skate, the next “shift” comes in for their skate and the audience is fluid, much like competitions at our rink. If you have anyone coming to watch your skater who cannot stand for long periods of time, this may not be the event for them, OR you can have them arrive just a little before your skater skates so they aren’t standing very long. THIS is the reason we do NOT charge admission and the show is free—we understand that seating is very limited.
Each number is approx. 1 minute to 1:30 minutes so you can estimate what time your skater will be on from the attached running order.
We have a very short finale planned where all skaters will make a last appearance on the ice (circling and waving with Santa Claus).  I understand it’s a long show and some of you can’t stay to the end. If you can’t that’s absolutely okay, but if you can, please have your skaters return to the curtain (backstage) during the last few skaters of the evening, and they will be part of the finale bow! The kids really enjoyed bowing with Santa last year! It’s a great memory and way to end the night but no pressure—only if your skater wants to.
After paying for the ice, we are dependent on help from our parents to pull off our show! If anyone has any large yard holiday decorations we could borrow to dress the set for the evening that would be great. We will have a few Xmas trees on the ice, but we’re hoping to have a few more decorations. For instance a large Santa Claus, Reindeer, or Snowman etc.  We’re looking for anything large enough to read across the ice.   Please contact Shari Jude if you can help!
PLEASE REMEMBER, this is an exhibition style show, so we need all of our first skaters ready to go and “backstage” at 6pm. The numbers will go fast , as most are a minute to a minute and a half. Our coaches will help line skaters up according to the running order, but we need them in eye-shot and earshot.  
We will have VENDORS at the show including:
FLOWERS – Want to buy flowers for your skater?- from “Leslie Anderson Flowers”- Skaters love to receive flowers after their performance. She will be set up near the front door.
ACTION SHOTS- Joe Nabers will be here to sell action shots—look for his table!
VIDEO- John Hurd will be videoing the skaters so you can purchase and take home a video the same night.
CINDERELLA ICE- We are happy to announce that Cinderalla ICE will be set up at our show. They have amazing jewelry and miscellaneous ice skating momentos that would be perfect for any figure skaters on your Christmas list. 
LASTLY, GIFT: Every skater will receive a Yorba Linda ICE Holiday 2018 ornament! Please make sure you skater picks up their ornament after they check in. We will have them out for distribution.
We are SO PROUD of our skaters; from our tots to our seasoned competitors. We've been hearing Christmas music for the last 2 months and Saturday night is the night to show off! It’s going to be a great evening!
Please contact Shari Jude should you have any questions or have any decorations we can borrow and see you all next Saturday night!