Class Curriculum

JUMP 1-5

  • Waltz Jump
  • Salchow
  • Toe Loop
  • Foundation Edges

Prerequisite: Basic 6

  •  Loop
  • Flip
  • Lutz
  • Alt Mohawks-,power 3 turns, Waltz 8

Prerequisite: Jump 1

  •  Axel Intro
  • Single Combinations
  • Power pulls/beg turn technique

Prerequisite: Jump 2

  •  Axel mastery
  • Double salchow
  • Double toe loop
  • Edge & turn technique- Moves in Field

Prerequisite: Jump 3

  • Double loop
  • Double flip
  • Double lutz
  • Edge & turn technique- Moves in Field

SPIN 1-3

  •  Upright forward & backward spin
  • Sit spin

Prerequisite: Basic 6

  • Camel
  • Layback
  • Combination
  • Change foot spins

Prerequisite: Spin 1

  • Change foot combination 
  • Flying entry
  • Difficult variations

Prerequisite: Spin 2

  • Difficult flying entry
  • Mastery of difficult variations

Prerequisite: Spin 3


This class is offered as a small group setting with the goal to make you happier, healthier, and more energetic. It's perfect for those focusing on sport performance and achieving each person’s personal goal in figure skating and general fitness. We focus on teaching you the proper strength training techniques to help you continue down your path of figure skating and fitness, and to provide you with sound nutritional strategies to tie everything together.

This Class is designed to help skaters perfect their spin positions and to help increase their “IJS” component scores. To increase “levels” in Spins, skaters are required to have exceptional balance, strength and flexibility. Skaters will practice upright spins, camel spins, sit spins, front and back spins and variations using “spin boards” (but not limited to spin boards,) They will train in both balance and stretching exercises to improve their spins and skating in general. Some skaters are born with natural balance, but the majority need improvement through exercises. There are several factors which affect the sense of balance in our body: the vestibule system (inner ear,) the eyes which help us detect our surroundings, and the “balance receptors” in our feet which tell us where our bodies are in relation to the ground (ice). Almost every skill in skating, least of which is spins, is performed on edges and on one foot which requires extra work. Flexibility is the new “black” in Spins. Biellmans and difficult variations of the Biellman require extraordinary flexibility. Muscle flexibility controls the angle of the knee, hip and ankle joint. A small deficit in muscle length can affect the quality of spins/skating. Joint position and motion controlled by the surrounding muscle length also affects the angle of the joints in the lower extremities during spins. Each joint in your body needs a balance of flexibility on all sides to move in the proper range of motion. If there is an imbalance of muscle length, skaters may be more prone to injury. This class will teach your skater everything they need to know about spins!

Prerequisite: Basic 6

Instructed by Academy Coach (Anna Kaverzina) – This class is a combination of Plyometric Training and Sport Specific Jump Techniques. This class will improve the skater’s speed/strength enhancement of the hip/leg, torso/abdominal, arm/shoulder and upper back areas which are vital for single skater’s jumping abilities. The class will target the upper body power and dynamic, along with power and jumping technique. In this current competitive IJS judging system, mastering jumps in a reasonable amount of time is a crucial tool that skaters can use to accumulate higher points. Judges award points for jumps performed based on height, length, proper technique and effortless jump performance. This class will do just that focusing on jump technique, and utilizing “spinners” for spin positions and balance in the air. This class will also help prevent injuries. (basic 5 and up)

We are very excited to announce that our Figure Skaters at Yorba Linda ICE will now be training Off-Ice in the “Mettle Strength” Gym that is located inside Yorba Linda ICE. Mettle Strength and Conditioning offers a program designed specifically for figure skaters in cooperation with our On-Ice Coaches. Honing in on the needs of Figure Skaters and this physically demanding sport, “Mettle Strength” will help take our Figure Skaters to the next level. Offering this close knit cross-training of On the Ice Coaches with Off the Ice Coaches all under one roof in an Elite training gym separates us from any other rink in Orange County. This program is developed by NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), and Youth Physical Literacy Specialists for athletes ages Elementary through High School. With a focus on physical literacy, injury prevention and age appropriate development, the athletes will be challenged with foundational athletic strategies that directly carry over to Figure Skating. By engaging in challenging activities that take place in a safe environment, Mettle Strength and Conditioning fosters athletic development and a healthy lifestyle


Coach Anna Kaverzina. All hands on deck with IJS! This class is designed for the competitive Figure Skater to learn how to understand, increase, and maximize their competition score in the IJS system (“International Judging System”). Focus will be placed on the 5 program components (Skating Skills, Transitions, Performance, Choreography and Interpretation). They will become familiar with crucial terms they need to be familiar with in IJS: “GOE” (Grade of Execution) “tech panel” “TES Score” and “Component Score” to name a few. The skaters will learn varied and purposeful use of intricate footwork, positions and power and multi-directional skating through mock programs and mock scores. Being bilingual in IJS is imperative now for Figure Skaters and this class will do just that!

Prerequisite: Jump 2

This is an unstructured class in which skaters may be at varying levels. The instructor will divide their time amongst the skaters working on the individual needs of each skater.

This class is designed for the Adult Skater who would like additional training besides our Saturday relaxed class of “everyone work on your individual level.” This class is designed to help Adults dive into the fundamentals of figure skating including edges, jumps, and spins. Skaters must have conquered forward and backward swizzles, 2 foot turns, forward stroking with one foot pushes and crossovers.

Prerequisite: Beginner Adult

Skaters will perform patterns, drills and exercises to help build stamina and strength.

Prerequisite: Basic 6