Skater & Players of the Month

Skater of the Month


We are happy to announce that our Figure Skater of the Month at #TheRinks - Yorba Linda ICE is Shannon O’Keefe! Shannon is 11 years old and has been skating for 5 years. Shannon is such an asset to the figure skating program at Yorba Linda ICE because of her positive attitude and contagious smile. Shannon participated in our Summer Camp this month and was voted “Best Attitude” by the coaches in a unanimous vote. Not only did she work hard on her own skating, Shannon helped the younger skaters feel comfortable and accepted with her unwavering encouragement and happy disposition. Shannon loves performing and is currently working on her axel. We are very proud of the young lady Shannon O’Keefe has become!

Youth Player of the Month


Michaella “Mimi” Gonzalez started playing Roller Hockey when she turned 10 years old. She instantly fell in love with hockey when she went to see her friend play at 8 years old. In addition to skating out, she also plays goalie. Six months ago, she convinced her dad that she was ready to transition to ice hockey, and she joined #TheRinks Learn to Play Program at Yorba Linda. There, she met Coach Margaret, who has been instrumental in Mimi’s growth, and coached her privately. Mimi is also a Girl Scout, plays drums for her school band, and is on the Principal’s Honor Roll. She also models and has worked for AAA, Nestle, Big 5, Mattel, and T-Mobile. Mimi’s dream is to one day play for The Lady Ducks and inspire other little girls to play hockey. Mimi’s favorite Ducks player is Ryan Getzlaf. Congratulations, Michaella!

Adult Player of the Month


Congratulations to our AUFEIS Player of the Month, Danny Hsing! Danny is the captain of his team, Los Bandidos Rojos. He is a player and a captain that others respect, and his leadership and sportsmanship are tremendous. He organizes practices and other off-ice activities and has no issues with opposing players joining them in practices. We're thankful to have players like Danny in our organization!