May 20th - Yorba Linda Ice’s 14th Annual ISI Competition

April 25, 2017

Dear “Yorba Linda ICE’s  14th Annual ISI Open” Participants,

   This year marks the 14th anniversary of “Yorba Linda ICE’S  I.S.I. Open Competition,” and I would personally like to thank you for participating, and extend you all a very warm welcome!

Attached you will find:

  1. A competition schedule as of April 25, 2017 (A revised schedule will be sent out a week prior)
  2. A Skater and Synchronized team entrance and exit diagram

Please contact me with any correction/omissions immediately.

Skaters performing in more than one event have been scheduled to allow a minimum of 30 minutes between events.

Our VENDORS (to date) will be:

  1. John Hurd Video
  2. Flowers by Leslie Anderson
  3. Joe Naber Action Shots - Remember to pre-order at Joe's booth before events
  4. Braids by Kellie - Please setup all pre appointments at 310.386.0904
  5. Fashion Freestyle by Karen Stark
  6. Cinderella Ice

Please remind your skater to arrive at the rink at least 1 hour prior to their scheduled event to check in themselves and their music. MUSIC must be turned in one hour prior to event at the check in desk. Please make sure your student has a back-up copy of their music in the event there is a technical problem with their CD.

On behalf of myself and our staff here at Yorba Linda ICE, we look forward to seeing you and hope you have a wonderful and memorable experience! Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions.

Shari Jude

Skating School Director---Yorba Linda ICE  

714/692-8776 Ext4 –

Competition Schedule

The Rinks host a number of figure skating sessions throughout the year. Check back for more information or contact Skating Manager, Shari Jude at for more information on our upcoming competition schedule.